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  • Illustrator, sculptor and concept designer

    Sometime animator, now tall tale and troll enthusiast.

    I started out as a sculpting illustrator, mostly working for advertising and publishing houses. During a number of years I continued to teach myself the craft of commercial illustration, while steadily daydreaming of movies full of fantastic occurrences and fabuolus creatures.

    For my main interest in those years really was animation, and I learned the fundamentals of the craft by trying and failing in my own home in front of a super-8 camera. And then, a few years hence, I was welcomed to join a small animation company in Oslo, Studio Magica. This was an opportunity to start designing for animation projects, and to learn the craft of animation more thoroughly. Eventually I scripted, designed, directed and animated a short film of my own - "Sausage" - which has turned out to be my sole venture of this kind. - But I´m proud to be able to record that it was widely televised, and that it brought me invitations to several animation festivals on three continents.

    As you may know, the work of animating movies is extremely time-consuming. So, ever since I was head designer, and animated for the full length digitally animated movie "Free Jimmy" (2005, directed by Christopher Nielsen), I have favoured labouring within the considerably shorter time-frames of illustration and small-scale sculpture.

    Which ultimately has resulted in a steadily expanding number of images inspired by old folk tales and more recent fantasies.










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  • By the way, here is a view from the window above my desktop at Gran, Hadeland. My house is situated approximately sixty kilometers north of Oslo, Norway.

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